1929 Ford Model A Deluxe
An Iconic Roaring 20's New York City Motorcar
1929 Ford Model A Deluxe w/ Coachwork by Murray
Flat head 4 cyclinder 40 hp 3 speed manual
The 1929 Ford Model A Deluxe is a staple for the early 1900's in New York City. Our Model A has been in NYC up until now where it has made the summer getaway of Newport RI home. The model was produce with extra attention to detail with Murray Coachwork producing the body's for Ford's limited run models. The interior is immaculate with front and rear plush bench seating, suicide doors and the gentle rumble of a 40hp Flat Head 4 cyclinder & 3 speed manual transmission. Customers love the look and feel of the vehicle, with the secluded rear seat so you can see out and they can't really see in. Our Ford Model A Deluxe is available for tours, weddings, events, parties, private transportion & comes with your own personal driver. Contact us today to book your adventure.

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