1962 Ford Thunderbird
The 1960's & big block V8's
1962 Ford Thunderbird Coupe
390 v8 300hp 427 ftlbs tourque 3 speed automatic
The 1962 Ford Thunderbird screams everything 1960's. With the large tail lights, the plush blue interior and a rumble of a 390 V8 motor. Enjoy this immaculate 2 door, automatic transmission matched to a V8 with 427ft lbs of torque to cruise the shoreline, explore the city and enjoy a night or week around town. Everything from the chrome details to the wings on the tailgate and headlights upfront were part of what made this car the "Bullet Bird". Your the drive, you own the destinations or we can drive you around, your choice with the third. Our Ford Thunderbird Coupe is available for personal rentals, tours, weddings, events, parties, private transportion & comes with your own personal driver. Contact us today to book your adventure.

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